The Weather In Your Hands

Most Android devices come with their own stock weather apps that give you a real-time weather forecast. But most times, these stock weather apps have little or information apart from telling you the weather forecast for the day. If you want more info and details, look no further than 1Weather.

The 1Weather app is developed by one of the leading android app developers in the business. The app is easy to use, and it allows users to get more than just a weather forecast. The app works with your location, and it gives you real-time weather info relative to your location. It also gives the option to add other locations and get their respective weather information. 

The major interface of the app shows you the most vital weather info anytime, anywhere. You can get access to precipitation, current temperature, barometer reading, and lots more. You can also get a background image based on real-time weather conditions.

To gain access to other aspects of the app as well as additional weather-related information, swipe right or tap on the various icons it the bottom of the main interface of the app. Some of the key aspects of the app include; 

  • Statistics: shows hourly and periodic weather information in a graphical presentation 
  • Forecasts: shows forecast information such as hourly forecasts, detailed forecasts and extended forecasts that cover as much as a ten-day period
  • Precipitation: shows the expected precipitation for up to seven days
  • Sun and Moon: displays information about sunset, sunrise and lunar phase
  • Weather radar: Cloud progression as well as other info.

There are extra bits and pieces that users may find appealing. The weather app functions relative to your current location, so that means you can get accurate weather readings when you move from place to place. This is very handy for people who travel a lot and do not want to adjust their location manually. 

In addition, you can add widgets to your home screen. This allows you to get weather information displayed directly on your home screen. The app also displays weather info in the notification area on your device by default. 

Stand Out Features

Stylish widget design 

1Weather has an attractive widget design. The design is one of the best in the market. Users can choose between seven widgets. 

Easy to use interface 

The user interface is clean, with easy to use features like current weather, radar maps, precipitation, and so on. 

Live weather maps 

The app provides live weather maps, dew point, surface temperature, wind speed in both satellite and terrain views. The maps works wells on normal view and zoom view.

User guides 

The app provides a detailed explanation of each weather measurement. 


1Weather is one of the most useful weather apps for Android users. The app has lots of amazing features that leave users satisfied and impressed. If you need an all in one weather app, then 1Weather is the right app for your Android device. 


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