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Thanks to Android open source software, almost everything can be customized on the Android operating system and includes the boot segment. Android Pie aside, all other Android operating systems didn’t offer many options for personalizing your home screen and other widgets.

Even in the latest update to the Android operating system, many restrictions do not allow users to make modifications beyond a certain point. Here is the role of Android launchers. Nova Launcher is one of those Android personalization apps that have been around since 2011.

While some Android launchers claim to be the fastest or most customizable, Nova Launcher tries to make your homepage look like Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Nova Launcher has an aesthetic almost identical to the latest version of the Google operating system, with some useful additions. If you are seeking for pure Android experience, Nova Launcher will be the best choice.

The 2018 version of Nova Launcher was a real gem, as it was integrated into an ultra customizable version of the Google phone interface.

Nova Launcher is one of the leading launch apps for Android, with many customization options. Once the user starts up, many options can be used to model the Android device’s home screen.

Outstanding Features Of Nova Launcher

Here are some of the key features of the Nova Launcher Android app, which are as follows:

  • Customization tables;
  • Themes for custom icons;
  • Night mode and dark theme;
  • Customizable application drawer;
  • Position the grid of icons and adjustment widgets;
  • Highly optimized for fluid and fast animations.

In short, the more you browse the app, the more options there are to explore. For example, the Nova launcher has a night mode function, which starts with the time of day, the color of the element, the icons’ shapes, and the customization of the space and the font size.

The user can change the app drawer’s appearance from landscape to portrait, with an additional option to stack it into a Google-style layout and a longer alphabetical list.

How To Get Started With Nova Launcher?

When downloading the Nova Launcher application, the user must configure the application drawer at the touch of a finger or even a button. Next comes the option with the light and dark theme.

Before that, however, the user receives a short tutorial on setting up the Android starter application, which allows the user to understand the basic functionality and get started.

Once they have made decisions about theme colors and application drawers, they can be changed later in the menu.

There are many options for customizing the main screen, which usually has a lot of space and can be organized accordingly. Additionally, apps can be stacked in folders and have the ability to add desktops, widgets, and more.

To access Nova Launcher settings, long press on the screen and the Settings menu appears. The following options are available here in the Nova Launcher Settings menu:

  • Application and drawers widgets
  • Dock
  • Files
  • Look and feel
  • Night mode
  • Gestures and inputs
  • Notification badges
  • Backup and import settings


With so many features and functionality of Nova Launcher, it automatically becomes a preferred option for customizing Android screens. The only thing that adds another advantage to this Android Launcher app is that it aligns perfectly with the design of Android hardware and fully integrates with the overall design of Android.

Another useful thing for the user is the availability of a series of options that can be used at any time. If an option does not satisfy the user, similar applications are present in the application, which poses an excellent inclusion.

Nova Launcher does not host ads even in the free version and does not disturb the user repeatedly for the purchase of the Prime version of the application. Most of the features are only available in the free version of the app.

TeslaCoil software developers regularly update the app. Nova Launcher is one of the leading Android Launcher apps if you want to add more customization options to your Android smartphone.

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