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Podcast Addict is an intuitive listening app for Android mobile devices, recently sparked some buzz. The company recently announced new beta testing features to be launched soon and added a different storage method.

What makes a good listening application is:

  • User control over playback and sound.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Organization and discovery

Given this criterion, let’s take a look at Podcast Addict.

Podcast Addict: Free Vs. Donated

The application has a free version and a version that you can get in exchange for a donation. The free version is quite robust.

The free state of the application supports ads, which can be small banners at the bottom of the app screen (such as ads) or full-screen ads (users can choose which one). However, unlike Overcast, the ads are provided by Google and other external networks. Clicking on it does not keep you in the application.

Navigation and Listening In The Car

The car design feature provides a bright display with large buttons and a range of equalization options. One fantastic thing here is that you don’t need to have Android Auto or a phone interface of any kind. The buttons are visible and easy to press without taking your eyes off the road. Not everyone owns a car built after 2014, and a screen with more explicit navigation options is always a good option.

Voice Control and Playback Options

An exciting feature is that for each podcast you listen to, you can permanently customize your reading options. The forward/skip, and back options are customizable,

Podcast Addict offers a volume boost to create different background voices. It has a mono sound, which takes the stereo channel and combines them in mono in each ear. Some people don’t hear well in one ear, so this can be an advantage. While listening, you can, of course, adjust the playback speed. You can modify the speed from 0.8X to 5.0X. Ignoring silences is an option.

Discovery and Organization

Podcast Addict has program categories and allows you to search by keywords. Another exciting feature is that you can search by language. If you are looking for a well-functioning financial planning podcast, for example, on a map of Spanish-speaking countries, you can select Spanish and search for “financial management.”

Once opened, Podcast Addict displays the full list of subscriptions. Categories are the areas in which you configure the podcast lists you want to listen to and edit and add categories to your choice name. With a single podcast subscription, you can automatically add new episodes to the same playlist and the amount of episodes to keep or delete. You can also exclude episodes based on the duration of their presence, instead of their numbers.

By default, Podcast Addict only downloads or transmits a WiFi connection. The “Getting Started” article recommends checking your network settings and confirming that you want episodes to be available only via Wi-Fi or 3G or 4G. To update feeds automatically, you must activate them in the settings menu and define an update time.


Podcast Addict, in its donation or free version, is an intuitive, discreet, and useful listening application. The company is attentive to the needs and wants of its users and uses it to improve the app.

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