Top 5 – Leading Task Management Tool.

TickTick is a straightforward task management tool that offers surprising flexibility and ease of use, placing it among our favorites. Although it is not as active as some competitors, it still helps a lot, as you can read in this TickTick review.

TickTick is a business management application with a stylish, high-quality user interface and a wide range of features. In this TickTick review, we will see how it compares to similar software and finds out if it is worth being added to your task list.

Find a balance between ease of use and ethical complexity, doing more than some of its competitors without diluting its main features.

If you’re seeking for a simple tool to manage your business, TickTick does it.

  • Excellent interface
  • A good selection of views.
  • Economic premium plan
  • It is challenging to find the main help page
  • Various pop-up windows in the free version
  • Small checks


TickTick enables you to create tasks, sort them into lists, and provide deadlines and priorities. You can also add sub-activity notes and checklists to each.

You can add activities by email and, if you’re brave, with voice input. You can create labels and color-coding, useful for classifying activities as desired. You can also set reminders to receive notifications before they expire. It is also easy to configure repetitive tasks.

There are also smart lists that allow you to configure filters and apply them automatically. For example, you can display activities with specific tags or due dates over a while.


Support Platform

TickTick is available for several devices. There are desktop versions for macOS and Windows, mobile versions for Android and iOS, browser extensions, a web version, and even an Apple Watch version. Unfortunately, Linux users remain cold.

TickTick has an excellent selection of features and offers a lot to help you get organized.

Security and Confidentiality

TickTick works on Amazon Web Services. Your data is stored in the US. Data is encrypted at rest. Backups are done daily, daily backups are taken, and TickTick agrees to notify the user of the data breach within 72 hours.

TickTick doesn’t give too much detail on what it does to protect your information. However, with a simple tool like this, this level of security may not be necessary..

Easy To Use

It’s easy to sign up for TickTick and welcome you with a short tour of its main features. Once you have finished the short tour, you can create activities. It’s also easy to do—type in a box and press Enter. There are buttons to add priorities and deadlines.

The interface is clear, readable, and straightforward. This is the kind of tool that you can understand by looking at it, and when you play with the buttons, you will see that everything does what you expect. 

Conclusion – Is it one of the TOP 5?  

TickTick has an excellent interface and is intuitive to use. It has many features in the free plan, but there is much more in the Premium version. You will often see update messages when you try to use paid features for free, but it is still a useful and usable application.

However, TickTick does the basics and is an excellent option if you want to be more organized. Its Premium version goes beyond most task management applications, including selecting the most common views in project management tools..

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