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Google’s software of Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana is Google Assistant. It has made incredible progress since its launch in 2016 and is probably the most advanced and dynamic assistant.

Google has extended the Assistant everywhere, not only on its hardware but through partnerships with other companies that display Google Assistant on a wide range of devices, from refrigerators and headphones to speakers and cars.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is Google’s voice assistant. At launch, Google Assistant was an extension of Google Now, designed to be personal when extending Google’s “OK Google” voice commands.

Initially, Google Now cleverly extracted information about you. It knew where you worked, your appointments and travel plans, the sports teams you support, and what interested you, so it could present the information that interests you.

What Can Google Assistant Do?

The Google Assistant provides voice commands, voice search, and voice-activated device control, allowing you to do a series of tasks after saying “OK Google” or “Hey, Google.” It was designed to provide conversational interactions.

Google Assistant:

  • Control your devices and your smart home
  • Access information from your calendars and other personal information.
  • Find information online, restaurant reservations, directions, weather and news
  • Check your music
  • Play content on your Chromecast or other compatible devices
  • Run timers and reminders
  • Make an appointment and send messages.
  • Open applications on your phone
  • Read notifications
  • spoken translations in real-time
  • Play games

Continued conversation means that you don’t have to say “Hello Google” for follow-up requests. Instead, when you start chatting with Google, you hear a response without needing a trigger phrase. Google can also recognize the voice profiles of different people, find out who is talking to you, and adjust their responses accordingly. You can also request several things at once.

Since Google Assistant knows and understands the context, it will respond informally or intelligently. This is important because it gives a lot more power to the voice command and prevents you from responding only to specific phrases or commands. From now on, Google indicates that the assistant will be able to call and make an appointment. It was designed to be more than receptive.

Other features include the ability to check flight schedules (depending on airline and destination) and the ability to book a room with specific partners. There is also a way to interpret Google Home devices and smart screens. With that, you can ask your Google Assistant to help you converse in dozens of languages. Say “Hello Google, be my Spanish interpreter” to start interpreting and get a spoken translation in real-time (on smart screens) to help you with the conversation.

The Google Assistant for Google Home Devices is the foundation of smart home control. It is compatible with a broad range of devices, so you can control heating, lighting, and more with your voice.

Google Assistant is present on Android phones, and all recent versions offer the AI ​​system. Devices that provide another artificial intelligence system, like Samsung Bixby, also offer Google Assistant. If your phone has Android, it has Google Assistant.

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