Your Map Is In Your Hands

Looking back, can you remember the last time you had your hands on a paper map, or even use an atlas to find where you are? Everyone has gone digital, and the advent of certain technological tools means we even don’t need to write down the directions to any place. 

Today, it is very easy to navigate from place to place. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to look for a place to get your dinner, you want to visit your friend in another region, there are several navigation apps that you can use. Out of the various number of navigation apps in the market, Google Maps and Waze stand above the rest. 

Google Maps is the kingpin of the navigation apps environment, and it is the best app for mobile users. It consistently delivers amazing services, and the fact that it gets updated every week means it is constantly improving to give users the best experience. Apart from the basic features, you would expect from a navigation app, Google Maps provides you with access to traffic data, direction to places, and much more. 

The good news is that Google owns Waze. Waze comes with its own set of unique features that differentiates it from Google Maps. When you include what Google Maps offers to Waze, you don’t require any navigation app. 

Getting to know Waze 

Google acquired Waze back in 2013 and developed it as a different entity to Google Maps. It comes with several real-time and crowd-sourced features. Overall, it is a community-based navigation app, which allows users to notify fellow users of road closures, accidents, and other issues that might require the use of alternate routes. So in a way, it allows you to get to your destination faster. Waze allows users to connect to apps such as Spotify so they can listen to their favorite songs, and podcasts right from the Maze app. You can also use the Waze app to find the cheapest gas stations in your commute. Select from a different variety of audio voices to guide you as you drive. 

Getting to know Google Maps 

Google Maps is the standard when it comes to the navigation app. It provides navigational aid to anyone, whether they are driving, biking, walking, running, or even using public transportation. The app provides a comprehensive guide when it comes to directions and instructions. The app gives the location of different landmarks and businesses, thus making the app very useful for getting to know an area. Google gives you more with Google Maps by allowing you to integrate the MAP with other services like ride-hailing services, Google Assistant, and so on. Best of both worlds 

Best of Both Worlds 

When it comes to getting from point A to point B by car, Waze might be your preferred choice thanks to the availability of live traffic reports, clean maps, and other features. Its social integration, as well as incident reports, means you are in the know when you drive. 

For general transportation, biking, walking, and running, Google Maps gives you the edge. The app features how you can locate the best route and lots more. It also comes with a saved tab that lets you keep your favorite destinations. 



Even though you can only use one of the apps at a time, having Google Maps and Waze on your phone is a no-brainer. Having both gives you the option to use anyone depending on your situation. 


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