Engage Your Kids with SugarCoded.

SmartGurlz came out victorious on ABC’s Shark Tank beating out the fierce competition for the grand prize. Sharmi Albrechtsenher had to beat out around 50,000 entrepreneurs to close a deal with Daymond John. The latter has a growing toy collection that uses a responsive robotics platform to help teach coding skills to 6-year-old girls coding.

“Many girls’ toys lag behind in the development of spatial skills, hands-on problem-solving skills, and confidence with coding and computer science. These are exactly the skills that SmartGurlz aims to develop,” explains SmartGurlz founder Sharmi Albrechtsen.

SmartGurlz offers a constructive way to keep your kids engaged in these uncertain times even while schools are closed. 

The SmartGurlz line of dolls and robots can be controlled using the SugarCoded App (available on both android and IOS devices). Once downloaded, the app requires no Wi-Fi, just Bluetooth. 

An easy to follow tutorial and guidelines provide basic coding techniques to kids. It allows them to navigate the toys around paths of their own design. The toy comes with several learning times, and challenges which can keep kids engaged for several hours weekly for up to 6 months. 

What’s On The Menu?

The company is providing a weekly webinar for kids and parents who have had a hard time during the pandemic. The webinar includes introductory classes, tips, and weekly assignments. SmartGurlz allows girls to learn three essential concepts:

  • Programming 

Girls can program their robots using the kid-friendly app SugarCoded 

  • Spatial Reasoning 

Girls can learn to navigate their robots in new settings and environments

  • Storytelling 

Girls learn to solve tasks and tell stories  through coding 

The app also has ebook services that give insight into the lives of people learning programming full time. The app hopes to inspire the next generation of female programmers with toys that incorporate fun, coding and technology.


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