Truck Driver Training App Helps In Uncertain Times

Covid-19 has brought about supply chain problems in US grocery stores. The major contributing factor to this is the low number of truck drivers. As a way to combat the challenge, Advanced Training Systems is providing a training app that will revolutionize the landscape of the commercial driver training community. 

Although the US is still top of the chain in terms of food and overall production, but when it comes to delivery of products to consumers, the country has taken a big hit due to the coronavirus crisis. Experts suggest that labor issues emanating from the low number of truck drivers could lead to a massive challenge to the food supply chain. 

“We need to train more drivers as quickly as possible,” says John Kearney, CEO of Advanced Training Systems (ATS). 

The ATS is one of the leading designer and manufacturer of driver training apps as well as other apps. 

According to Kearney, the past few years have seen a nationwide shortage of truckers, specifically for interstate long-haul drivers which most agricultural companies utilize. But in the last few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has made things worse. To help facilitate a solution to the problem, the ATS will offer its Training software application to commercial driver training institutions at no charge. 

Workforce Training 

Before starting out at their place of service, prospective new drivers must take a driving test to obtain a commercial driver’s license. Generally, the driving test has three parts: the pre-trip inspection checklist, necessary control skills exam, and a road skills test. Of all three, the first test is the most complex, according to Kearney. The first test is traditionally taught in a class, with the group the group positioned around the truck. But the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic means alternative methods are highly welcomed. 

The launch of the CDL Pre-Trip Inspection App has enabled students to get their materials from anywhere. The ATS is making the app free for its customers as well as the Commercial Vehicle Training Association. The CVTA has the largest association of truck drivers in the country.

“There is a significant startup cost associated with new applications, but we feel it is critical at this time in history to ensure its widespread availability. This will enable students to study at their own pace in solitary locations, online, and safe from the spread of the virus—and give them the knowledge needed to pass the CDL exam and become a thoroughly trained and safety-conscious driver,” Kearney says.


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