Europa Arcade Game Review

An online Arcade Game Fairytale Adventure

While the game might look like any other point and click adventure game, it offers so much more. This fairytale game does a fabulous job of keeping players interested from start to finish. Mind you, the early part of the game gives you the feel of a simple point and click game. However, things quickly breakout from such restrictions to provide you with something fun and exciting. 

There are several interesting ideas on show, along with a story that starts out as a simple rescue mission, only to evolve into a more elaborate story as you play on. 

Gameplay / storyline – Europa

The arcade game revolves around love, acceptance, and growth. Although these are common themes in video games, they are given a new interpretation thanks to the game’s setting in the icy Scandinavian folklore. 

The game is developed by Polygon Treehouse. Gamers take the role of Tove, a young girl in the game. Her mission is to rescue her missing brother Lars from a monster. The adventure takes Tove through different routes where she encounters different creatures like trolls and so on. 

The first parts of the game will introduce you to the controls, before sending you off to an unforgettable adventure. The game uses some well-placed story-based cut scenes to show you what is happening to Lars. 


Roki is different from other games in its niche thanks to its aesthetic visuals and art direction. The game has a beautiful blend of style that allows the characters to fit into their surroundings. From interactions with items, and different creatures, to footprints in the snow, Roki offers a type of realness to players. 

What Makes Europa Standout?

It is not just the fact that Roki is a new game that makes it appealing. Roki offers as much challenge as you would find in any other adventure game. What’s more, it breaks free from the regular norm you would find in games in a similar niche. A bulk of the games’ success is down to the fact that Roki is true to the logic of the game. It is easy for video games to veer off already set logic. But Roki does a good job of staying true to the letter. Although the game struggles on the adventure side of things a bit, it does a good job overall.  

Final Words – Europa App


Europa is one of the more aesthetically pleasing point and click arcade games in the market. Part of its charm is its simplicity and enjoyability. Europa app does a good job of getting the smallest things right. From an appealing story to incredible visual themes, Roki is a game for all ages. The story has lots of twists and turns that will keep players interested. Packed with great ideas, visuals, and story, Roki is a spectacular fairytale that will keep you glued to your screen. 

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