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Pac-Man Party Royale is a four-player version of Pac-Man. You must be the last person to win. Eat pallets to speed up and aim for Super Pellet to send opponents and ghosts running. However, there is a twist; every opponent you eat turns into a ghost that will attempt to grab you to be reborn. Over time, like in every other Battle Royale game, the playing field begins to shrink to create a last-minute advantage that shows the remaining players.

You can control your Pac-Man by swiping the screen to see the direction. Connect with friends by sharing a code. You can also train solo against three computer-controlled characters.

New powers and characters add up over time. The most recent additions are L.A.S.E.R. and electric field powers. Also, a new ghost, “Itchy,” propagates the change of control’s effects in reverse.

Pac-Man Party Royale is an Apple Arcade multiplayer game that challenges up to three friends to be the last Pac-Man to enter each game quickly.

Before playing, you will need to decide to create your group so that your friends can join or join a group formed by someone else. If you make a group, you will receive a code to allow your friends to join and join you on their devices. If you want to join another person’s group, that person must provide their code. Although Pac-Man Party Royale must be played with up to four actual people in each game, you can play on your own, playing against three computer-controlled characters.

The four players sit on a familiar Pac-Man board in each game, filled with “pac-dots” to eat. Immediately the game begins, you will have to slide your finger to make Pac-Man move and then slide it in the preferred direction you want it to spin (it will advance automatically). The more pac-dots you eat, the faster you will move around the board.

After a few seconds, a special light will appear on the panel. When eaten by a player, they will have superpowers and will eat other players for a limited time, turning them into ghosts. When you are a ghost, you can eat another Pac-Man to turn him into a ghost and return to the game. A game ends when there is only one Pac-Man standing, and the rest turn into ghosts.

Each game only takes a few minutes. If a winner isn’t naturally decided after a short period, the infamous Bug Pac-Man 256 will appear off-screen and slowly move towards the center. If you fix the problem, you are out of the game. This means that while the players do an excellent job of avoiding each other, failure will ultimately ensure a winner.

When you create a party, you can determine how many “turns” to play before the last-man-standing is declared. You can opt to play a single game or play “first” in two, three, five, or seven rounds.

Pac-Man Party Royale is over 4 years old on Apple Arcade. Like all games in Apple’s subscription service, it doesn’t contain any ads or in-app purchases.

Users Interact: The game allows players to interact and communicate with each other to expose players to the language typically associated with older rated games.


This game is useful if you want:

  • Compete on the sofa
  • Play online Battle Royale matches
  • Play old and new games


This game will last between 1 and 5 minutes. You can decide how many games you want to play, the winning criteria, and the difficulty that determines the game’s length.


You can play with 4 online players. Every player needs a device and an internet connection.


It does not include in-game purchases, “loot boxes,” or “combat/season permits.”

You don’t need a paid plan to play this game online.


This game can be played for free on iOS with the Apple Arcade subscription. You cannot play on iOS without Apple Arcade.


Pac-Man Party Royale is a fun game, especially when trying to challenge your friends, but the game still needs a slightly more fun interface to level up arcade games..

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