Bihar Revamps Health Efforts To Fight Pandemic

The health department of the state is revamping its health efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The department has unveiled a mobile app tagged Sanjivan, to help with Covid-19 tests and other areas. 

According to Lokesh Kumar Singh, the health department secretary, “the mobile app became operational last week.” He mentioned that people can use the app to requisition an ambulance. People can download the app from the health department’s official website

The health department also has helpline numbers for people who can’t access the mobile app. 

The mobile app houses chatbots for frequently asked questions, emergency helpline numbers, educational materials, information, and other essential details on coronavirus. Singh said that the app can be used for various activities such as registration for coronavirus test, application for self quarantine, obtaining information on care centers and testing centers, hospital/bed space availability and so on.


Sources close to the app have said the helpline numbers have backup numbers in situations where the primary number is unreachable due to high number of calls.  “We are also working on a proposal to provide the testing facility at an individual’s doorsteps in collaboration with private laboratories,” a senior official said.

Streamlining The Work Process 

The official went on to say that the department will create a system for collecting swab samples from home to avoid mass gatherings at various testing centers. The state government also placed a maximum rate to carry out the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) text at any private center. 

He also added that extra fees would be put in place for swabs samples collected at home. The provision will allow users who register for the rapid antigen detection (RAD) test to get a registration number and an OTP. With these details, waiting time at health centers will be reduced considerably, he further explained.


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